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Astrology 101: Birth Charts & The Psyche

Free Online Workshop on the Essentials of Astrology & the Psyche.

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Professor Eric Anderson teaches the foundations of astrology: Astrology is an ancient mystical art where the student seeks to discover their essence to optimally direct their life’s purpose. This process of discovery is completed through in-depth analysis of the natal chart. By understanding each layer of the natal chart, the student can begin to piece together the puzzle of who they are and what they can become by interpreting the web of relations symbolic of our intra-personal activity. Course Layout: The layers of the natal chart that this course will help students navigate and analyze are: The Planets The Zodiac Signs The Houses The Aspects Each of these layers will be focused on during one specific class. Mastering the information of each layer brings the natal chart alive as a breathing snapshot of a person’s formative imprint or soul signature. Students will have the opportunity to create their natal chart and with each class begin to unwrap the mystery of their chart and obtain self-knowledge by analyzing each layer in great detail. Understanding the natal chart is an effective way to learn the most important parts of Astrology while gaining incredible insight about the self. Dr. Bogdan Makartchuk, ND joins us to explore the deeper psychological aspects of astrology, and Carl Jung's insights into this ancient art. Jung once wrote that "Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity" - and indeed a great wealth of insight into the psyche of ourselves and others can be found in the ancient mystical science of astrology. This course explores the essentials of astrology, from the theoretical to the practical - all while viewing this art from a psychological perspective. We look forward to taking this journey with you as we look to the stars to uncover the wisdom within!

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